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Membership Categories

About Joining Members

These are members who have to possess or have achieved one or more of the specialized qualifications listed below not only but are willing to donate annual membership fee and respect the core values of TaWiMA as stated under (part 3 article 12, 2019) to become a member . 

They are also subjected to TaWiMA rights of membership as stated under (part 4 article 15, 2019)


  1. provide any Media content (Photos, videos, literature) of a project with your copyrights that promotes any conservation of Terrestrial or Marine wildlife you are involved or have participated before.
  2. Have knowledge and confidence of operating Media devices eg: DSLR cameras etc  
  3. Practicing and have knowledge and confidence in media production on fields like
  • sound production
  • Writing
  • Bilingual Translator on foreign Languages (French, Chinese, etc) 
  • computer programming & software designing
  • Media Editing, Media Fixer etc.

Benefits of an Active Joining member .

  1. Get to meet and join other conservationists, scientists, experts and professionals in your field
  2. personal profile page on our web that links with your personal site
  3. Be the first to be informed about upcoming projects, training programs, events and how you can get involved and get Qualifications.
  4. opportunity to explore various wildlife destined areas by getting a chance to participate in different projects.
  5. Free publishing and publication of your work and projects on TaWiMA media sources  
  6. Be part of media Showcased competitions and win awards
  7. Get access to resources that would help you advance a project your working on eg cameras, experts etc..
  8. Own it be the partner and be an ambassador of your own work through TaWiMA
  9. Be the first to receive  Annual report of our most compelling conservation stories
  10. Be recognized for your generous support as a member in our annual report  as you shall be dedicated

About Student Members

A student who has a full-time appointment with any educational institute (school, college, university etc).

This membership requires proof of current student status (ID, a letter from the school, college/university registrar, class schedule etc) and willing and able to donate


  1. Students are eligible for joining member benefits

About Honorary members

Members who don’t have specialized qualification but are impressed and willing to donate and support TaWiMA’s programs, projects and events.

They are not subjected to TaWiMA rights of membership as stated under (part 4 article 15, 2019)


  • Your ability to support

Benefits of Honorary member

  1. Monthly news  with unforgettable wildlife photographs and updates on how your contribution is making an impact and ways you can get involved.
  2. opportunity to be welcomed to participate on an intern program with TaWiMA.
  3. Opportunity to join Courses and training programs.

We are currently finalizing our membership application fees, and soon we will allow the public to register for membership.

For the time, you can apply for Volunteering activities by clicking on the link below.