• Office Address: Baraka street, Mbezi Beach A, Dar-es-Salaam
  • Office Address: Baraka street, Mbezi Beach A
  • (255) 123 123 123


Our Objectives

Showcasing and promoting natural and wild places in Tanzania with objectives:


To educate and build young Tanzanian’s media skills related to wildlife and natural places.


To promote and market Tanzania’s natural habitats, wildlife and environmental-related research.


To promote and support initiatives for wildlife and environmental protection and maintenance.

Karibu TaWiMA

Tanzania Wildlife Media Association is an association based in Tanzania that focuses on promoting, supporting, and marketing wild places in Tanzania through film and photography. TaWiMA will provide a platform and support network for citizens to take ownership of the natural resources that make Tanzania a worldwide tourist destination. Together, we will be making documentary style content featuring wildlife and conservation stories in Tanzania. Additional media outlets for material produced through TaWiMA will be magazine articles and online resources.

Our Vision

To become the leading model in showcasing Tanzanian wilderness and promoting its protection.

Our Mission Statement

To showcase and promote natural and wild places in Tanzania through photography, filming, magazine and online articles.